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Heating Cabinet/CO2 Incubator

Memmert is a leader in the development of heaters, incubators, CO2 incubators and climate cabinets. Our advanced solutions are used in hospitals, biological, pharmaceutical and food research, as well as quality testing in industry. We ensure optimal precision by carefully controlling all parameters, so that the atmosphere in our cabinets is perfectly regulated.

Advantages of Memmert:

Widespread Use in Norwegian Hospitals: Memmert’s ovens are already placed around hospitals in Norway, and our reliable technology supports the healthcare system.

–  MDD Approved Products: These products are approved according to the MDD standard, which guarantees high quality and compliance with medical device directives.

–  Cutting-Edge Technology: Choose Memmert to benefit from cutting-edge technology that meets the highest standards in accuracy and reliability.

–  Explore our selection of Memmert products and lift your research projects to new heights. Choose Memmert for reliable and accurate instruments that deliver results.

Heating cabinet/CO2 incubator



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