LEUCOmatic Automatic Filtration stand

Filtration stand

LEUCOmatic is designed mainly for leukocytes filtration process in order to achieve easy operator manipulation. LEUCOmatic is suitable for all blood bag systems. Capacity of 48 bags.

Filtration process for the leucodepletion of whole blood and red cells can be done at core temperatures in the range +4°C up to +30°C. Device is designed to be operated in a 4°C cold room as well as standard room temperatures. Complete stainless steel construction, with removable lower trays for easy and thorough cleaning. A pneumatic mechanism powered by CO2 gas raises and lowers the shelves to operational and filtration height. Loading, unloading and lifting of the units is easy and safe.

Device significantly reduces the physical strain and effort of lifting and bending compared with simple stands thereby reducing the risk of injury to staff.

LEUCOmatic wheels with rubber tread provide smooth and quiet rolling and will not leave marks on flooring. All wheels have brakes for locking the device in position.

2 working positions

Load position, bring shelves up to comfortable height for each operator. Filtration position, bring shelves to working position according to manufacturers requirements for overall filtration height.

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