Trombocytes Shaker 24

Trombocyte Shaker

Thrombocyte shaker 24 in a robust design for storing platelets. This model agitator has a capacity of 24 bags. Each shelf has a capacity of 6 bags.

The thrombocyte shaker is designed to keep the platelets in steady motion and is silent during operation. It is intuitive to use and requires little space. The agitator is flexible in use and can be used with all types of blood bags. It works separately or together with the Climax incubator.The thrombocyte shaker has a built-in alarm system should the movement stop. A green LED light indicates that the motion sensor is active and a red light indicates any errors.In addition to the light alarm, the instrument notifies via an audio alarm to catch the user’s attention.In the drawers, there is a built-in function that prevents bags from falling out when they are opened. Each individual drawer can be used completely independently of the other drawers.

Thrombocyte shaker 24

Thrombocyte shaker 48

Thrombocyte shaker 60

Thrombocyte shaker 96


24 bags

48 bags

60 bags

96 bags

External dimensions

38.1×44.8×25.9 cm

38.1×44.8×38.8 cm

38.1×44.8×45.3 cm

33.8×87.7×39.3 cm

Weight approx.

20 kg

26 kg

28 kg

37 kg

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