blood separator

  • LMB Technologie LUXOmatic blood separator.

Blood separator for whole blood separation. Handles separation of two blood bags simultaneously. This model is suitable for different types of blood bags, e.g. Macopharma, JMS or Fresenius Kabi, and it has a touch screen with an intuitive menu. The blood separator has rapid blood separation and high platelet recovery time. LUXOmatic has precise weight measurement using four integrated and two external balance scales.

• LCD touch screen with clear menu selection with images of the process

• As many as 6 balance scales for different products

• Two transparent and robust press plates. Two presses that are individually controlled (dual system).

• Multifunctional sealing switches

• Precise HCT detection

• Adaptive optical sensors

• Multifunctional sealing switches (total 8 pcs.,
4 on both sides). Manual or automatic sealing.

• Integrated barcode scanner

• LAN data transfer, WiFi, ERYSYS

• TOP/TOP removal of plasma only 50 s

• TOP/BOTTOM bags only 1.5-3 min.

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