FILTRAmatic Automatic Blood Filtration System

FILTRAmatic Automatic blood component filtration monitoring system with minimum of operator intervention.
Self-test during turning ON. User friendly interface for observing filtration process. Easy access to report generator option for documenting filtration process.
FILTRAmatic measures the time that whole blood needs to be filtrated entirely and compares it with individual customer profile. If the filtration time is within a certain predefined time interval, the filtration process is acceptable. Mechanical errors, like a filter breaking, result in a considerable lower filtration time and are indicated as unsuccessful filtrations.
Real time graph of filtration process. One control PC unit for two filtration modules. Multilanguage support. Adjustable arm for easy positioning to the operator.

  • Simultaneous filtration of up to 24 bags at the same time
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Visual and audio indicators and alarms
  • 4 tube sealersHigh precision measuring
  • All filter models supported
  • Outstanding design
  • 23“ touch screen
  • Integrated barcode reader
  • HDD for local data storage

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Download the FILTRAmatic Automatic Blood Filtration System brochure here:

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